Mathilde Rosier
Mathilde Rosier / In the Fields of Intensive Prosperity
May 16 – Jul 22, 2023
Fondation Pernod Ricard
Paris, France

Mathilde Rosier has been painting since she was seventeen. She has long placed environmental concerns and what she calls “plants’ perspective” at the heart of her pictorial practice and artistic thinking. Seen at the Jeu de Paume in 2010, after an invitation from Elena Filipovic, the exhibition at the Fondation Pernod Ricard brings different periods of her work into conversation.

It is the first major exhibition dedicated to her to be held in Paris. She presents here a broad selection of paintings made in recent years, a video installation, new glass creations, and older sculptures. The collection constitutes a fertile environment in which the viewer can share Mathilde’s thoughts on nature, plants, and the coexistence of species. The exhibition also conveys her deep conviction that art is the appropriate language for informing the social corpus of a life endowed with intelligence, rights, and even spirituality.

For a long time now, Mathilde has been working on the sensitive dimension of life and the possibility of communicating with nature, the possibility of being with and within nature. This exhibition provides a new comparison of motifs and elements present in her work for several years now, as part of a holistic and immersive approach. Occupying a central position in the exhibition, the paintings and drawings also share the space with a new video. At the heart of this new project is not just a generic notion of nature, but more specifically the history of the domestication of plants and agriculture.

Through her paintings, Mathilde Rosier thinks and provides food for thought regarding the complexity of crossing the barrier between the state of nature and the state of being truly human.

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