Diane Arbus, Man and a Boy on a Bench in Central Park, New York City, 1962
Me and You and Everyone We Know
Sep 8, 2021 – Jan 24, 2022
Rome, Italy

DB+K opened their home gallery venue in the heart of Rome on the occasion of the launch of the exhibition Me and You and Everyone We Know. Anna Kessler and Michele Dal Bosco founded their gallery with the purpose of promoting new emerging artists, as well as proposing works of well-known ones. This first exhibit presents a selected group of art works by superstars artists: Diane Arbus, John Baldessari, Edward Kienholz, Raymond Pettibon and Richard Prince. In addition, the night of the opening the masterpieces were combined with a live performance by the multi-faceted artist Giorgia Annibalini.

The exhibition is focused on American postmodern art. In the 20th century, artists manipulated and replicated their surrounding reality and interpreted it in many different ways. Diane Arbus uses her camera and her power to expose the “unseen” and the “freaks.” She obliges people to look at what makes them uncomfortable. And so does Kienholz. He forces his audience to assist at the gloomiest sides of U.S. culture.

Moreover, Baldessari, Pettibon and Prince reflect on the omnipresence of images, and how culture is now irremediably shaped by the mass media. In doing so, they use different artistic languages, such as: comics, photography and computer.

Overall, the project has a strong friendly and domestic atmosphere and the exhibition plays with it. The title choice, borrowed from Miranda July’s celebrated movie, says it all.