Emily Elizabeth Buchalski
MFA Thesis Exhibition 2024
May 9–18, 2024
Maine College of Art & Design
Portland, USA

The MFA Thesis Exhibition for the Class of 2024 is a multidisciplinary show unified by an urgency each of these MFA candidates expresses for what they see as fundamental to our shared experience of an increasingly disconnected world. With an emphasis on the personal, and at times the anecdotal, the artwork featured by these 12 artists varies in media to include ceramics, installation, painting, performance, photography, printmaking, video, sculpture, and zines. Seen together, these thesis projects hybridize a range of conceptual themes and material approaches as they relate to visual culture, the political landscape, and contemporary art practice. The nature of this work and research demonstrates the caliber and cultural relevance achieved by these graduates of Maine College of Art & Design’s Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art program. Our studio-based curriculum creates a transformative learning experience and is designed to encourage students to follow where their work leads them, supporting them to define a sustainable vision for their own art practice through individualized research, critical analysis, and curatorial experimentation.

Exhibiting Artists:
Emily Elizabeth Buchalski, Drew Eastwood, Kait Gallaugher, Taylor Glenn, Paige Hanson, Ian MacFarlane, Adam Masterman, Midori Morrow, Kaitlyn Peters, Samantha Shields, Kayla Spaeth, Cheza Willis.

  • Grey Crawford. Chroma, 1978–85, Vol 1
    Beam Editions

    In 1978 Grey Crawford created a body of colour photographic work that was so radical in its aesthetic and technique that few people to this day understand how it was made. Chroma documents late 70s Los Angeles in a period of radical urban transformation. Scenes of vernacular architecture, demolition sites and everyday places are contrasted with graphic forms that float on the surface and sit within the image. (more…)