Eva Garibaldi, The Unstable Ground, 2021. Photo: Chaira Catalini
MIARD archive v2.0
Deadline May 10, 2023
Piet Zwart Institute
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design, MIARD at the Piet Zwart Institute is an international post-graduate program that is part of the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. MIARD is a two-year multidisciplinary course with a focus on practice-based research and spatial strategies in the field of interior architecture. We invite you to visit our digital archive and explore the work produced in the program.

Interior architects face a shifting planet enmeshed in new realities, technologies, socio-political, environmental and economic challenges; consequently, practice today calls for different means, in order for practitioners to be adaptable, resourceful and seek out future forms. At MIARD, design is a form of research that circulates across spatial dimensions with numerous pathways and scales – from local issues to global changes, from objects to architecture and beyond. The interior is an emergent and multilayered site of research, cultural analysis, critical reflection and space of conjecture. By merging spatial practice and research with critical strategies in the program, students develop their self-directed, practice-based research positioned amongst cultural and environmental urgencies. The program engages with a range of topical themes, methods, tools, and formats to think critically about practice and modes of production in the context of the (built) environment amid a theoretical and historical framework. Our multidisciplinary and imaginative approach to the development of a creative practice produces a learning environment that welcomes diversity, originality, and conversation amid intellectual and professional rigor.

Throughout the two-year program, students work with a community of professionals – architects, designers, artists, researchers, curators, editors, publishers, graphic designers, interaction designers, writers and educators. The international expertise and varied disciplinary backgrounds enrich our education and directly connect students to a global research and professional culture. Our faculty provides a stimulating learning context in the development of diverse creative practices and professionalization. They work closely with international students that join us from around the globe with different professional, educational and cultural backgrounds. Together, teachers, students, and external professionals create a vibrant and respectful community where we learn and work with each other, engage in conversation, and exchange ideas, which is an aspect of our dialogue-based learning approach.

March 7, 2023: Priority deadline for completed applications of Dutch, and EU applicants. Final deadline for non-EU applicants.
May 10, 2023: Final deadline for completed applications of Dutch and EU applicants.

Artpil periodically publishes submitted announcements of outside opportunities we do not administer. We recommend researching further prior to submitting, especially if entry fees are required.
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