Michael Whelan, Untitled #2, series The Destruction of Former Generations, 2019
Michael Whelan: Senses Of The Self
Dec 9, 2021 – Feb 10, 2022
Fanxi Delarue Gallery
Paris, France

Senses of the Self is one of Michael Whelan’s most ambitious and complex works to date and the Fanxi Delarue Gallery is proud to present our first exhibition. The triptych series includes work created during the past decade, and shows these three series for the first time as a complete body of work which includes; Fragments (2017), The Destruction of the Former Generation (2019) and The Flow of Uncertainty (2021). Each sequence of works explores links between place and memory connected to specific transformations and collectively looks at cyclical motions in nature.

How the audience experiences his work is an important aspect of the production, and Whelan spends a great deal of time developing various aspects of the subject to help re-define ideas about its functions.This engages the audience with a sense of connectedness and belonging to the work and offers a dialogue into the way we live, and the fundamental changes we make in the search for happiness.

Running through the core of his work, he is known for the way he engages with a subject with his unique tactile observations and aesthetic that deconstructs important social phenomena and human connections.Within his practice, Whelan learns to experience by watching, listening, and waiting, and relies on a variety of tools and techniques to represent the prescient impact and influences we continue to have.

“The work explores a deeper analysis by reflecting on the human behavior patterns of desirability.These works highlight decades of human interference that remain as a physical scar on the landscape suppressing natural progress.”