Keegan McHargue, Squatter, 2023
Minds Taking Flight
Jun 10 – Jul 29, 2023
The Pit
Los Angeles, USA

The Pit is thrilled to announce its latest group exhibition Minds Taking Flight featuring the work of Gary Panter, Keegan McHargue, and James Ulmer. This exhibition pairs legendary comic artist Gary Panter with two artists of a younger generation who have been inspired by his work. The group show explores the connections between their distinct creative visions. This exhibition draws a connection between an artistic legend who has shaped the artistic voices of many young artists today and two contemporary artists indebted to his legacy.

Gary Panter was born in Oklahoma in 1950 and raised in Texas. He studied at East Texas State University and moved to Los Angeles in the 1970’s. With a career spanning several decades, Panter’s work has left an indelible mark on contemporary visual culture. He gained prominence through his contributions to the iconic punk magazine “Slash” and later as the designer of the groundbreaking television series “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” for which he won three Emmy Awards. He is also known for his Jimbo character which resulted in a series of graphic novels. Panter’s multidimensional approach fuses elements of pop culture, psychedelia, and punk aesthetics, creating vibrant and dynamic compositions that resonate with a surreal energy. Panter is represented by Fredericks & Freiser, New York.

James Ulmer lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. While Ulmer’s drawings evoke memories of childhood innocence, their complexity and precision contradict notions of simplicity. He graduated from the University of the Arts in 2005 with a degree in Illustration and Design and was awarded the Thorton Oakly Medal by the Society of Illustrators. Ulmer was a member of Philadelphia’s legendary Space 1026 Collective from 2008–2011. His recent shows include solo exhibitions at V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark (2022); The Pit, Glendale, CA (2022); The Hole, New York, NY (2021); Marvin Gardens, New York, NY (2021); PmAm Gallery, London, England (2021); and JJ.Amala Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (2019). Ulmer’s work has been included in notable thematic shows including Good Pictures, Jeffrey Deitch Gallery, New York, NY (2020) and A Being in The World, Salon 94, New York, NY (2016). Ulmer is represented by The Pit, Los Angeles.

Keegan McHargue (b. 1982) is an American artist known for his abstract, illusory drawings and paintings. For the past 20 years he has widely exhibited his intensely illustrated paintings, combining figurative dreamlike elements, whilst twisting the rules of perspective. McHargue is concerned with the tension between tragedy and comedy as well as the use of color as an emotional medium. The artist’s clean, complex style has evolved to allow more looser, expressionistic elements to emerge in recent years.McHargue has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world, including Fredericks & Freiser, New York; Jack Hanley Gallery, New York; Deitch Projects, New York; Hiromi Yoshii Gallery, Tokyo; Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris; MACRO Museum, Rome; DESTE Foundation, Athens. He is part of important public permanent collections including Deste Foundation of the Contemporary Arts, Athens; Judith Rothschild Foundation | Drawing Collection, New York; Museum of Modern Art, New York; Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA. McHargue is represented by Fredericks & Freiser, New York.

  • Fumi Nagasaka: Dora, Yerkwood, Walker County, Alabama

    During the 2016 US Presidential elections Japanese photographer, Fumi Nagasaka, became intrigued by the rural and southern USA. She had lived in New York City for a decade but despite travelling the world, had yet to visit the rest of the US. All this changed when her friend, Tanya Rouse, invited her to her hometown of Dora, Alabama. Nagasaka continued to visit Dora over several years, gradually building a photographic archive of her visits. (more…)

  • Anish Kapoor: Unseen
    Apr 11 – Oct 20, 2024
    Ishøj, Denmark

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  • Aria Dean: Abattoir
    Feb 8 – May 5, 2024
    London, UK

    Aria Dean: Abattoir is the New York-based artist’s first exhibition in the UK. The exhibition of the artist’s recent work explores the foundational relationship between modernity and death on conceptual and material levels. The ICA’s main gallery features Dean’s Abattoir, U.S.A.!, a site-specific film installation with immersive 8-channel sound. The animated film traverses the interior of an empty slaughterhouse. (more…)