Joan Miró, Personatge i ocells davant el sol, 1976 © Successió Miró, 2022
Miró. His Most Intimate Legacy
Apr 1 – Sep 26, 2022
Fundació Joan Miró
Barcelona, Spain

Miró. His Most Intimate Legacy opens the door to a more personal view of Joan Miró – the man who, over the years and whenever circumstances permitted, made a point of setting aside pieces, drawings and sketches that would enable him to keep an emotional connection with his work and would serve as means for him to review his career and artistic development.

The exhibition showcases close to 180 pieces, about 80 of which are by Joan Miró, and are part of the works from the new deposit of 59 pieces made by the Miró family to the Fundació, together with works from the collections that Pilar Juncosa, Dolors Miró Juncosa and the rest of the family have donated or loaned to the Fundació. The works exhibited cover virtually the entire career of the artist, from 1910, when the artist was 17 years old, to 1976. His preparatory drawings, previously unpublished documents and family photographs also included in the exhibition allow the viewer to follow the path from the point when Miró first put together a collection of his own – eventually extended to this family as well – to the time when he sought to make his thinking and his legacy accessible to all by creating the Fundació Joan Miró, a unique space and collection that the artist donated to the city of Barcelona.

The exhibition invites us to imagine the connections between the pieces on display and the personal, cultural and historical moments in the twentieth century to which Joan Miró, his wife Pilar Juncosa and their daughter Dolors Miró bore witness.

Miró. His Most Intimate Legacy, also highlights the key role played by Pilar Juncosa and Dolors Miró in the preservation and transmission of the artist’s legacy and pays tribute to the whole Miró family who, with their generosity, have helped to build the collection. the most important public lesson in the world of Joan Miró’s work.

Curated by Marko Daniel along with Elena Escolar and Dolors Rodríguez Roig

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