Moki Cherry, Title Unknown (Dragon), 1975 © Anders Sune Berg, Galleri Nicolai Wallner Bildupphovsrätt 2023
Moki Cherry: A Journey Eternal
Sep 23, 2023 – Mar 3, 2024
Moderna Museet
Malmö, Sweden

Moki Cherry’s colorful art unites painting, sculpture, textiles, and scenography. Everyday life and art are linked together; a musical instrument case forms the base for a painting, bags for packing are reworked into textile collages, and a philosophy with nature at the center is formulated in drawings. Moki Cherry herself commented on this transgressive approach with the description “the stage is a home, and the home is a stage.” The exhibition is the largest presentation to date of the artist’s works.

Moki Cherry’s art could be included as an element of concerts in Paris, Copenhagen, or the Scanian countryside. By presenting her art outside of art galleries and theater stages, in places such as her own home, she dissolved hierarchies between public and private and between creator and viewer. Children, her own and others’, were both observers and collaborators. Moki Cherry’s multifaceted art continues to fascinate and to be relevant. Her brilliantly-colored idiom, engagement in her surroundings, how she encouraged participation and sought ways to be a parent and an artist at the same time. She shifted from the motto to ‘make a more beautiful world’ as a teenager to ‘life is my artwork’,” describe the exhibition’s curators Elisabeth Millqvist and Andreas Nilsson.

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Moderna Museet in Stockholm presented an exhibition with Moki Cherry in 2016. Since then, interest in her art has only increased, with several presentations in the USA; in 2021, a comprehensive publication by Blank Forms, New York features both Moki and Don Cherry with a particular focus on the boundary-crossing work that occurred under the name Organic Music. The exhibition at Moderna Museet Malmö also coincides with the 50-year anniversary of Don Cherry’s album Organic Music Society, for which Moki Cherry designed the album cover.

A Journey Eternal is the most comprehensive presentation of Moki Cherry’s work to date and gives a broad picture of her oeuvre – from clothing, a hybrid of painting and textile applications, and her vision of interdisciplinary artwork and depictions of home and surroundings to activities intended for children. As an observation of the last element, this exhibition also includes a creative workshop.

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