Christiane Spatt, Hidden Jane, 2023
Motherhood II / Shifting Realities
Jan 26 – Feb 4, 2024
Berlin, Germany

The exhibition Motherhood II / Shifting Realities is the second in a series of exhibitions about motherhood and being a woman. The aim of the exhibition is to question and deconstruct myths surrounding male and female attributions. The project is organized and curated by IntAkt – International female visual artists ( Internationale Aktionsgemeinschaft bildender Künstlerinnen), Vienna – in collaboration with HilbertRaum and Retramp Gallery. The latter are two project spaces for contemporary art in Berlin Neukölln. The current exhibition is an essential extension of the previous exhibition Motherhood I / Concepts of Motherhood, which was also realized by HilbertRaum member Hannah van Ginkel in close cooperation and with the support of the Motherhood team.

In Motherhood II / Shifting Realities, the focus is on intergenerational and historical themes relating to motherhood. Furthermore, socially highly relevant perspectives such as queer feminist and socio-political positions are shown to direct a more intersectional view of the topic. The exhibition also draws attention to social structures that make it difficult for artists – both mothers and non-mothers – to make a name for themselves on the art market.

Parallel to the exhibition, the Motherhood Team will be showing works by international female artists in public spaces on billboards in cooperation with “Procreate Project”. Procreate Project is a growing archive of international artists who are mothers/parents.

  • Chris Hoare: Seven Hills
    RRB Photobooks

    RRB Photobooks is delighted to present Seven Hills, our second publication from Bristol based Photographer, Chris Hoare. Set to release in September 2023, this first edition will feature a special edition of 50 copies, each including a signed and limited print. In Seven Hills, Hoare shows us his unique perspective of Bristol, his hometown. Presenting both the good and the bad, Hoare’s poetic imagery speaks to some of the more serious issues facing the city today (more…)