Moyra Davey, Still from My Saints, 2014
Moyra Davey | My Saints
Apr 18 – Aug 8, 2021
Kestner Gesellschaft
Hannover, Germany

With its project space, the Kestner Gesellschaft is establishing another new format. The space will mainly present films by international artists alongside the exhibitions. The first artist to be featured is Moyra Davey from Canada, who works in photography as well as film and makes writing her artistic practice.

Moyra Davey’s films consist of loosely connected, moving images and contain personal narratives that resemble internal monologues. By relating her own experiences to those of well-known artists, writers, and philosophers, Davey’s films are also reflections on the nature of existence, thought, and the human condition. In the film My Saints (2014), for example, she asks her family and friends about The Thief’s Journal, the radical, semi-autobiographical novel by the French writer Jean Genet.

Kestner Gesellschaft
Hannover, Germany

    Apr 12 – Dec 31, 2024
    Sapieha Palace
    Vilnius, Lithuania

    The inaugural exhibition of the Sapieha Palace seeks to unfold the spirit and history of the palace itself, as well as the diverse narratives surrounding its past. The works on displays and their arrangement act as a soft, transparent layer placed over the palace spaces, having been painted and repainted multiple times. The spatial and conceptual interaction thus reveals the previous and ongoing influence of a multitude of forces. (more…)

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    Featured Profile

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