Museum Motus Mori, Katja Heitmann / Photo Hanneke Wetzer
Museum Motus Mori / Katja Heitmann
Sep 13 – Oct 27, 2019
Marres / Contemporary Culture
Maastricht, Netherlands

Katja Heitmann’s choreographic sculptures are isolated, mechanically brought into motion, the hips tilted, the leg lifted, driven across the space where every movement is deliberate, and fragments constantly repositioned in time.

German choreographer Katja Heitmann and ten dancers will create a museum for physical movements that face the threat of extinction. Museums are meant to preserve human culture and history. It nearly goes without saying that they do so through objects, installations, and occasionally, stories. But humanity itself is missing in this solidified version of our lives. For six weeks, five hours a day, the dancers and the choreographer will take on the remarkable challenge of creating a new museum precisely for that purpose. Museum Motus Mori will sensitize visitors to the deep humanness hidden within the body.