Lydie Arickx, Grenade, 2022
Sep 23 – Dec 23, 2022
Loo & Lou Gallery
Paris, France

“We live” is the title of the first manuscript published by Lydie Arickx in 2014, such could be the subtitle of this first group exhibition, so much the vital breath seems to spread through the works, certainly diverse but all sharing the idea of a communion with nature. Whether it is through the search for the unexpected and regenerating springs of natural materials, used as mediums, through the transgressive and revealing act of dissection – which can be likened to a pictorial introspection – or by resorting to the diluted traces of ink and pastel leading the figuration to the limits of its metamorphoses.

The meeting of the eleven artists presented allows the viewer to embrace in a single vision the singular and quivering artistic identity of the gallery, made of moving materials and intimate roars. Aesthetics of engagement rather than contemplation in front of Lydie Arickx’s germinations and Olivier de Sagazan’s tortured masses, ferocious auscultation in the heart of Cedric le Corf’s ashen undergrowth and flayed sculptures, ghostly dance to the rhythm of Christophe Miralles’ anonymous bodies, outcrop of an interior cartography in the spontaneous and green features of Joël Person, proliferations and vegetable delicacies at Florence Arnold and Dominique Lacloche, telluric and fantastic visions at Paul de Pignol and Johan Van Mullem, veinous and troubled expressiveness at Arghaël, strange occultation of desired landscapes at the only photographer of the group, Jean-Claude Wouters.

–Julie Chaizemartin, Art critic

  • Rodrigo Morales: 91 East
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  • Emma Portner
    Featured Profile

    Dance is my life. It has kept me alive. Performance is a natural extension of it and through it. I’ve made my most cherished human connections. The more I perform, the more I understand what it is to choreograph, and the more I choreograph, the more I understand the real value of performance. (more…)

  • i-D
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  • ProtoZone 15: Time is Pressure
    Jun 7 – Aug 4, 2024
    Zürich, Switzerland

    Protozone15: Time is Pressure, brings together six existing projects by five international artists, with all but one produced after 2020. Their presentation is organized dramaturgically, both spatially and in relation to time. In so doing we are committed to further extending our research into understanding artistic processes, this time by focusing on processes of display and the lifespan of a work as well as in the ongoing processes of our long term collaborations with the invited artists. (more…)

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