Ilir Tsouko
New East Photo Prize 2020
Winner & Finalists Announced
Calvert 22

Calvert 22 is proud to announce that Alexey Vasilyev from Russia has been named the winner of the New East Photo Prize 2020 for his project Sakhawood. The prize is presented by Calvert 22 Foundation and The Calvert Journal to give an international platform to photographers of the New East – Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Russia and Central Asia — and provide a unique glimpse into the self-identity of this underrepresented region and the lives of its people.

Two special prizes have also been awarded as part of this year’s competition. New East Photo Prize judge Davide Monteleone and Spazio Labo’ presented the Mentorship Award to Uzbek photographer Hassan Kurbanbaev. His project Logomania: Owning the World at Half Price examines Uzbekistan’s obsession with Western luxury brands through staged photos featuring counterfeit Chanel and Gucci products. Kurbanbaev will be invited to attend the Tutorship in Visual Storytelling training course organised by Davide Monteleone and Spazio Labo’, offering individual coaching for visual storytellers in their early career.

The finalists / shortlisted:

Agnieszka Sejud​, ​Hoax.
Alexey Vasilyev, ​Sakhawood.
András Ladocsi, ​Swallow.​
Hassan Kurbanbaev​, ​Logomania: Owning the World at Half Price​.
Igor Elukov, ​The Book of Miracles​.
Ilir Tsouko, Starting Over: From the Donbass to Chernobyl​.
János R. Szabó, ​Stories along the Öreg-Túr River.
Justyna Górniak, ​Haytarma.​
Lilith Matevosyan, ​I had left my home early in the morning.
Marina Istomina, ​Suffocation.​
Tomasz Liboska, ​Turn Around.

  • Marguerite Humeau: Orisons
    Jul 29, 2023 – Jun 30, 2025
    Black Cube
    Hooper, USA

    Marguerite Humeau’s Orisons is a subtle, 160-acre earthwork that transforms an unfarmable plot of land in Colorado’s San Luis Valley into a place of reverence, honoring its expansive history, existing ecosystem, and imaginable futures. The work consists of the land in its entirety, as well as a series of eighty-four kinetic and interactive sculptures that invoke the land’s histories and vast network of interrelations. (more…)

  • Eoghan Ryan: Against the Day
    Feb 1 – Mar 24, 2024
    Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art
    Oldenburg, Germany

    Irish artist Eoghan Ryan’s solo exhibition Against the Day at the Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art spans moving image, installation, performance, puppetry, and collage. His new commission, the video installation Circle A (2023), premieres in the company of three installations from recent years. These works explore the intricacies of how power is communicated through media culture and language. In adapting personas, characters, and unrehearsed conversations, they expand into fable-like takes on the collective and the personal as “institutions”. (more…)