New Year 2021
ARTPIL / Prescription .119
Matthew Hong

This would be the world we would inhabit for the time. And so holiday celebrations would toast on a different tenor. The time of reflection would be imposed, a kind of reset from an external force.

Here we are, approaching the end of 2020, this ill begotten year with no easy way to round out. We have seen over 75 million cases of Covid contagion world wide claiming nearly 1.7 million lives with surges increasing in many areas around the world. Unemployment rates are the highest in decades and the economy in many countries deemed the worst seen since the Great Depression. Even as the vaccine is being rolled out, a new variant of the virus is already emerging. As it has been said before, it may get worse before it gets better.

We are entering the 2nd and 3rd phases of confinement, curfew, or lockdown, no easier with time – heavier now with shorter days, longer nights, colder weather – new surges of contagion in that macabre dance with those in maskless denial….

This is the year that we have had.