Nick Dawes
Nick Dawes & Susanne Roewer
Apr 25 – Jun 22, 2019
Galerie Kornfeld
Berlin, Germany

Galerie Kornfeld is pleased to present new paintings of the British artist Nick Dawes in dialogue with sculptures made from bronze and glass of Susanne Roewer for the first time.

Nick Dawes creates complex color arrangements with fluid forms and thus pursues a new quality of painterly abstraction. The ostensibly impulsive painterly gestures of his paintings are, however, achieved by an exact plan that leaves almost nothing to chance. The artist distills abstract forms from the formal particularities of road signs or other sign-like quotidian objects, which he then captures as pencil drawings and transfers to the canvas with thinned poured oil paint. In a controlled way, the paint is poured onto and soaked by unprimed canvases laying on the floor or propped against the wall. The artist succeeds in steering the liquid paint into the previously sketched forms by moving the canvas. In this long, almost meditational process, the next color will only be applied after the already painted layers are dry. Amorphous, seemingly organic fields of color, overlaid and overlapping, emerge in this manner, and yet they are always clearly separated.