Elena Näsänen, Night and Day, 2023, still image from the video installation
Night and Day / Elena Näsänen
Mar 25, 2023 – Mar 3, 2024
Serlachius Museums Gösta
Mänttä, Finland

Elena Näsänen’s video installation interlaces two scenes from different parts of a Europe struggling with climate change. One of the scenes takes place on an island in northern Europe, the other in a depopulated mountain region in southern Europe. Night and Day focuses on the consequences of climate change: migration, global inequality and the resultant guilt.

The scenes of the video installation feature main characters who resemble each other. Are the characteristics doubles of each other? Or is one of the characters a figment of the other’s imagination? People are alike everywhere, and during the climate crisis one would hope for sufficient solidarity even between people living in different parts of the world.

Näsänen is a video artist who combines in her works elements of traditional film narration and video installation. Näsänen’s short film Turbulent Waters was completed in 2022. The installation Night and Day is an independent work, cut partly from the same scenes.

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