Omsk Social Club and Joey Holder, Memeplex™, 2021, Seventeen Gallery, London, video still: Stateless Studio
Omsk Social Club / T(())MB
Jun 7 – Jul 29, 2023
Kunstraum Niederoesterreich
Wien, Austria

Worlds emerges by being put into words. When humans communicate, play “language-games,” as philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein put it, they are staking out the limits and possibilities of their relation to the world. That language not only represents world(s) but rather creates it can be observed every day in the arenas of social media. Wittgenstein’s “language-game” is common practice: cancelling, platforming, in-feed censorship, etc. – all these techniques follow the principles of gaming. But the games on Facebook and co can quickly take a serious turn. Once out in the world, fake news can become reality, alternative facts turn into truths, and hate speech culminates in manifest violence.

With its participatory immersive installation T(())mb, Omsk Social Club formulates a response to these mechanisms of digital worldmaking. A walk-in space, T(())mb manifests as a postdigital language-game world that plays with elements from adventure and live escape games. The collective provides a set of tools (a “linguistic crash-course survival kit,” in their words) that enables visitors to experimentally unravel the connections between worldmaking, gamification, and language.

Omsk Social Club is a Berlin-based collective founded in 2016. Their immersive practice focuses on the creation of shared experiences and speculative fictions. In their works, they devise alternative modes of perception and encounter, from traditional observation to more pervasive durational experiences, which they call “real game plays.” These living installations weave virtual egos, pop cultural and political phenomena into dematerialized hybrids of contemporary culture and the participants’ personal interpretations.

  • Patrick Weldé: Freiheit
    Goswell Road

    On the occasion of our exhibition with Weldé at CFAlive Milan L’AMOUR TOUJOURS, we publish a new edition of the previously sold-out book that we produced with Weldé in 2017, FREIHEIT. All of the photographs in FREIHEIT were taken by Weldé on disposable cameras between 2011-2015. They show a tender side to the artist and his friend circle, and the purest form of trust. (more…)

  • Kyiv Perennial
    Feb 23 – Jun 9, 2024
    Various Locations
    Berlin, Germany

    Curating an international Kyiv Biennial with cultural workers in times of war poses a challenge both for the institutions and for the individuals involved. Curatorship under emergency circumstances imposes completely different conditions on the production and perception of artworks and discourses, and reimagines the biennial as a collective endeavor on an existential ground of political, social, and cultural survival. (more…)

  • Lars Harmsen: Collision

    Collision by Lars Harmsen is the collision of intuition and the human experience. A visual journey of photographs, design, and ideas. With this publication, the author mercilessly settles accounts with the last 10 years of his creative work. Numerous pieces and creations, from Slanted, PosterRex and 100for10 to freelance works and other projects have been destroyed, cut up and reassembled. A maximum of carnage. With a minimum of diplomacy. (more…)