• Preston Bus Station / Jamie Hawkesworth
    August 2–31, 2019
    Taka Ishii Gallery
    Tokyo, Japan

    “I began to see, feel and understand its effect, I was becoming sensitive to light. Being patient in such a transitional space began to amplify every detail. Everything became significant.” –Jamie Hawkesworth


  • Alex Prager / Compulsion
    Mar 6 – May 24, 2019
    MAMM / Multimedia Art Museum Moscow
    Moscow, Russia

    The highly choreographed nature of Alex Prager’s work embodies a visual vocabulary and style that has become her own, a familiar yet uncanny imagery depicting worlds synthesized of fiction and reality.


  • William Eggleston: 2¼
    Apr 12 – Jun 1, 2019
    David Zwirner
    London, UK

    Over the course of nearly six decades, William Eggleston has established a singular style that deftly combines the vernacular subject with an innate and sophisticated use of color, form, and composition. The works on view in 2¼ were taken around 1977 throughout California and the American South (more…)

  • Luigi Ghirri / The Map and the Territory
    Feb 12 – Jun 2, 2019
    Jeu de Paume
    Paris, France

    “I am interested in ephemeral architecture, in objects generally regarded as bad taste, but which have never been that for me, in objects charged with desires, dreams, collective memories…” –Luigi Ghirri


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