Analia Saban
Particle Theory / Analia Saban
Oct 17 – Dec 28, 2019
Arario Gallery
Seoul, South Korea

Arario Gallery in Seoul opens Analia Saban’s solo exhibition Particle Theory for the closing exhibition of this year. Analia Saban is an artist who has continued to expand the boundaries of traditional media interpretation through the exploration and experimentation of materiality and materials used in art. Through a variety of experiments based on traditional materials, such as making a plane by weaving dried paint between canvas, making a plane out of concrete on canvas, or folding concrete as if it were paper, she points out that medium classification in contemporary art is artificial, and reaching further, asks what the fundamental distinctions between mediums are. Her work is done by dismantling the physical nature of the material and the basic premise of the medium, in which the artist’s unconsciousness penetrates. When an artist deconstructs the working principle of things, they unconsciously project the way he/she views the world. In other words, the material properties and the work of the medium experimentation can also be expected to be reconstructed by her unique and unconscious interpretation of the world.

Painting is an important subject for the artist. Even now, when new media are discovered and in the spotlight, painting is still the most popular and beloved medium, and as such, it is often questioned whether its survival is still valid or not. The artist asks, “Why is painting so important to our culture, and where does its value come from?”….

Saban’s works are represented in the collections of the MOCA / Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Centre Pompidou, among others.