Paz Errazuriz, Boxeur II, Santiago, 1987
Paz Errazuriz: Histoires Inachevées
Sep 8 – Dec 20, 2023
Maison de l’Amérique Latine
Paris, France

For her first personal exhibition in a Parisian institution, the great Chilean photographer Paz Errázuriz, relatively little shown in France, presents no less than 120 prints from 15 series including three previously unpublished: Próceres (1983), Sepur Zarco (2016), Ñuble ( 2019) as well as the emblematic series La Manzana de Adán produced between 1982 and 1987.

Paz Errázuriz observes people who live in separate, even parallel worlds: circus performers, wrestlers, transvestites and prostitutes, vagabonds and even mentally ill people are often photographed in confined spaces.

Her long-term work allows her to build strong relationships with her models, women and men pose proudly, sometimes abandon themselves, giving access to a part of their intimacy. Very faithful to the people photographed, Paz Errázuriz often says that she has difficulty closing a series. The stories, the lives photographed remain “unfinished” for her, as if she did not want to see the people she met disappear.

Her black and white portraits, of great formal beauty, speak of social diktats, the invisibility of certain groups, the human condition, and disturb the conventions of visual representations.