Pedro Wirz, Installation view, Environmental Hangover, 2022
Pedro Wirz: Environmental Hangover
Jan 21 – May 01, 2022
Kunsthalle Basel
Basel, Switzerland

For his largest exhibition to date, Pedro Wirz designs an immersive installation filled with sculptures that draw equally on organic material and the consumer world. Taken as a whole, they transform the Brazilian-Swiss artist’s interest in cultural history, science, craft and folklore into a commentary on our current environmental crisis that is both fantastic and sobering.

The works in the first room serve as an allegory for a greed-driven planet choking on an environmental crisis, but also as a warning against the inconsistency of “progress.” This sets the tone for the exhibition, which features a wide range of materials and crafts used to conjure a world which, on the one hand, looks for untouched nature and, on the other hand, desires technical “advancements.” A world which strives for ecological responsibility, but also hip branded coffee and that latest digital device.