Emilia Martin, The Blue Of The Far Distance / Angelo Vignali, How to Raise a Hand
Pellicola Magazine + Mucho Mas!
Open Call
Deadline July 15, 2023

The research of the other is what moves our existence. We exist insofar as we have the desire to encounter, to discover what we do not yet know. It is through this experience that we define our identity, our limits and our possibilities.

Encounter thus reveals its dual nature: on the one hand, it recognizes in itself the boundary that separates; on the other hand, it represents contact, the relationship with those in front of us.

Thus, a percentage of unpredictability and confrontation with the unknown that can generate the new is hidden. Recovering the value of the encounter, accepting the contradictions it entails, means intensifying the quality of our existence through relationship with the other.

This open call arises from the desire of two very different realities, Pellicola and Mucho Mas!, to meet and engage in dialogue. Two spaces of investigation, one digital and one physical, with the aim of relating their research and shaping a collaboration to reflect together on the different possibilities of existence of the image.

Pellicola Magazine is an online photography magazine established in 2015 with the aim of investigating contemporary photography at a time when visual language is taking center stage in our daily experience. Delving into the work of Italian and international photographers, both established and emerging, Pellicola explores the ever-changing directions of this visual practice.

Mucho Mas! is an artist-run space established in 2018 and based in Turin. Working in the field of photography and visual arts with a dedicated approach to experimentation and media hybridization, Mucho Mas! showcases emerging Italian and international artists undertaking research on the role of the contemporary image.

The call is open to all visual projects that are unpublished or not yet exhibited, unfinished or open to experimentation.

Preference will be given to projects whose research and methodology are inclined toward multimediality and the installative possibility of the image.

At the end of the call a short list of 5 finalists will be announced, whose selected project will be published in the form of interview in Pellicola’s online magazine.

From the shortlist, 2 winning artists will be selected who will have the opportunity to follow a curatorial path together with the Mucho Mas! and Pellicola teams and to showcase their project with an exhibition at Mucho Mas! gallery in Turin.

Artpil periodically publishes submitted announcements of outside opportunities we do not administer. We recommend researching further prior to submitting, especially if entry fees are required.
  • Georg Kussmann: FRG

    The German dramatist Heiner Müller observed that German history lies as if smothered by a rheumatism blanket: beneath there is warmth and stagnation, just enough to give the impression all is well, while the peripheries are freezing. Georg Kussmann’s photographs in FRG were created under this metaphoric blanket. Made in the Federal Republic of Germany over a single summer, they depict everyday scenes of life, work, and leisure (more…)

  • Karla Hiraldo Voleau: Another Love Story

    A year. That’s how long it’s been since Karla Hiraldo Voleau’s exhibition Another Love Story first opened at the MEP in Paris in 2022. A year is also the timeframe of the story chronicled in that project – a love story personal to KHV, which shifts abruptly from its climax to its end when she discovers that X, her lover, is leading a double life – a revelation that prompts the artist to question her certainties. (more…)

  • Tyrone Williams & Madison Dinelle: Chiasm
    Ceremony Press

    Many photographers have experimented with the ‘Call & Response’ model of collaboration, where images function like links in a chain – a visual duel, or game of chess. This book, in which these two photographers pair up their photographs, feels more to me like a matching card game. Chiasm describes in biology the point at which two filamentous structures like a tendon or nerve diagonally intersect in an X (more…)