Etay Axelroad / Rehearsal documentation. Photo ASCAF
Performance | out-of-office: Etay Axelroad
January 19–21, 2023
CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo
Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Led by artist and CCA Tel Aviv-Yafo Office Manager Guy Bernard Reichmann, alongside artists and Content Managers Mona Benyamin and Esraa Abed, “out-of-office” is a series of events to be presented in the Marc Schimmel Multipurpose Gallery. Focused on time-based practices such as video, dance, and performance, and in line with the multidisciplinary mission of the Center, “o-o-o” was conceived as a way to nurture the domestic scene.

Etay Axelroad’s “INDIGO” is a trilogy-in-the-making, in which each chapter must be materialized in order to initiate the next one. On this occasion, Axelroad will present the first two works – CASUS (2021) and LED (2022) – before proceeding to create the third and final work. CASUS, a short experimental film for seven dancers created as part of the GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, explores themes such as tension, loneliness, change, conflict, fear and freedom through the intersection of the two mediums of dance and video. In LED, a solo work created and performed by Axelroad, the trilogy moves from the screen to the stage and from the collective to the personal. The second piece is an intimate study about coming to terms with a multifaceted identity through the confrontation with the ‘self’ and through an in-depth artistic and choreographic study that goes through different styles and multiple influences.

  • Celine Condorelli: Museum Hours
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    Galeria Vera Cortês is delighted to announce Céline Condorelli’s new solo exhibition at the gallery. Céline Condorelli was artist in residence at the National Gallery from Sept 2022 to September 2023, at the end of which she had an exhibition titled Pentimenti (The Corrections). All the works in this exhibition were developed during that time and intimately relate to the experience of the residency, but were not part of the exhibition at the time. (more…)

  • Grey Crawford. Chroma, 1978–85, Vol 1
    Beam Editions

    In 1978 Grey Crawford created a body of colour photographic work that was so radical in its aesthetic and technique that few people to this day understand how it was made. Chroma documents late 70s Los Angeles in a period of radical urban transformation. Scenes of vernacular architecture, demolition sites and everyday places are contrasted with graphic forms that float on the surface and sit within the image. (more…)