Na Mira, Marquee (still), 2023
Perpetual Language / Patricia L. Boyd, Na Mira
Sep 9 – Oct 14, 2023
Croy Nielsen
Vienna, Austria

Croy Nielsen is pleased to present Excited about our upcoming show Perpetual Language, Featuring Patricia L. Boyd and Na Mira, as part of “Curated by” – the gallery festival with international curators in Vienna. Opening Thursday and Friday September 8–9, 2023.

Summer. Dust, red. The heat comes in waves, the dreams do, the dust does. “Idea of the subject as set of traces (waves) recast according to different wavelengths,” writes Roland Barthes (after the Greeks). These traces floating like radio waves or waves of dust, glittering, pollinating, adding a red shimmer of nuance (intensity) to the air, as when the Sahara is sent across the Mediterranean, tracing Athenian terraces and parked cars with a glittery coat of copper grit, some red gradient….

Curated by Quinn Latimer

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