Yelena Yemchuk, Guinevere
Photo Vogue Festival 2022
November 17–20, 2022
Photo Vogue
Milan, Italy

Photo Vogue was launched in 2011 by the Head of Global Photo Vogue, Alessia Glaviano. At a time when photography was already ubiquitous online, Glaviano felt that what was missing was a curated platform dedicated to it. Conceived as a community with a strong sense of belonging, as of today, Photo Vogue counts over 257,000 photographers, from amateurs to professionals, hailing from all over the world, who share a passion for photography and the desire to help each other and grow together. Anyone can register and upload images of all genres, from portraiture to reportage, fashion and street photography. Curating a pool of incredible image-makers from all around the world, Photo Vogue is a great example of diversity behind the camera. Many of Photo Vogue photographers have grown to become some of the most interesting voices in contemporary photography, who now regularly produce editorials and branded content for the most prestigious international magazines.

The mission of Photo Vogue has always been to champion talent and contribute to shaping a richer and more diverse industry. In order to have a physical and virtual space in time to bring the community together and further the conversation around the promotion of creativity, diversity and justice in image-making, in 2016 Milan hosted the first edition of the Photo Vogue Festival. The event marked the first conscious fashion photography festival dedicated to the shared ground between Ethics and Aesthetics, bound to an influential fashion publication, and engaging the whole city of Milan with talks, exhibitions and photography-related initiatives. The 5 editions of the festival in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 were always met with critical and public success.

This year’s Photo Vogue Festival will take place at Base Milano November 17–20, 2022 with a program to include exhibitions and talks cover photojournalism to fashion photography taking place in hybrid form: live in the physical space and recorded and streamed on the Photo Vogue platform.

  • Mai Ling: Not Your Ornament
    Sep 15 – Nov 12, 2023
    Wien, Austria

    Founded in Vienna in 2019, Mai Ling is an artists’ collective and association dedicated to facilitating dialogues about experiences of racism, sexism, homophobia, and any kind of prejudgment, particularly against Asian FLINT* (women*, lesbian, inter*, non-binary, and trans*). Rooted in solidarity against patriarchal and racial discrimination, the group offers a protected space and growing network to give voice to the many individuals affected by such discrimination and foster new forms of collaboration. (more…)