Magali Reus
Private Road / Magali Reus
May 4 – Jun 20, 2019
Galerie Eva Presenhuber
Zurich, Switzerland

Magali Reus’ works possess an innate organizational logic, absorbing the miscellany of the material landscape, the choreography of components emerges from the intersection of virtual and physical processes.

Where process might once have been categorized as uniquely wet, dusty, or analog studio play, the process-paradigm has widened to the degree that raw material now includes numbers and vectors as well as paint or welded metal.

Ladders, wedges, alarm clocks, and road signs – these are all provisional items, props in all manifestations of the word: literal, theatrical, physical. Like objects on a charm bracelet, they are metaphorical images for self-improvement and protection. Reus utilizes our emotional and physical connectivity to these objects to enable instances of pause or contradiction where otherwise there would be fluid access: these are all markers on a Private Road.

Galerie Eva Presenhuber
Zurich, Switzerland

  • A Model
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    We all have ideas of what a contemporary art museum should be. Those who founded Mudam Luxembourg, for example, envisioned a museum that would encompass many aspects of contemporary culture, such as art, design and architecture. While one believes the museum to be a place for the presentation of modern art, others view it as a showcase for Luxembourgish creation. And some see Mudam as a space for collectivity, for openness, for events and an experimental approach. (more…)

  • Nhu Xuan Hua: Tropism
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  • Kiki Kogelnik: The Dance
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    Pace is pleased to announce Kiki Kogelnik: The Dance, the first solo presentation of the pioneering artist’s work in London, running from May 24 to August 2.

    This exhibition, whose title draws inspiration from the allegorical Danse Macabre, or the Dance with Death, will include works across various mediums that are emblematic of Kogelnik’s profound exploration of the future possibilities (more…)

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