Quayola / Re-Coding
Sep 29, 2021 – Jan 30, 2022
Palazzo Cipolla
Roma, Italy

The historical Palazzo Cipolla hosts the first monographic exhibition of Quayola (1982), a Roman-born, London-based artist who is among the world’s leading representatives of media art.

The exhibition is a journey through almost the artist’s career, featuring works executed between 2007 and 2021. It is an immersion in the essence of his digital art, animated by a permanent comparison between classical tradition and future technology.

By employing robotic artificial intelligence systems and strings of generative code, Quayola uses his personal and unique language. He reimagines art history according to a new perspective that reflects his poetic view of the digital world.

The exhibition path unfolds through three thematic areas: classical iconography, unfinished sculptures, and tradition of landscape painting. They reveal Quayola’s artistic exploration work: the numerous technological opportunities become an extraordinary tool for exploring the infinite possibilities of human creativity formalization.

Renaissance and Baroque paintings are transformed into complex digital compositions through computational methods; sculptures inspired by Michelangelo’s technique of the unfinished come to life by robotic means. Following are on display representations of nature that highlight the fascinating and paradoxical similarity between the natural world and the digital one. The artist highlights the weak line between materiality and immateriality through a set of concrete works – prints and sculptures – and intangibles ones, such as videos.

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