R. Sebastian Schachinger, Notizen zur 13. Stunde © R. Sebastian Schachinger
R. Sebastian Schachinger: Notizen zur 13. Stunde
Sep 17 – Oct 1, 2023
Kunsthaus Baselland
Muttenz, Switerland

Since completing his studies, R. Sebastian Schachinger (b. 1993, Freiburg, DE) has been continuously realizing complex works that occupy spaces as large-scale installations and can also be activated by shorter and longer performances. As part of his first major institutional exhibition, the artist, who works in Basel and Vienna, and was awarded the Kiefer Hablitzel / Göhner Art Prize in 2022, will present a rigorously structured durational performance over a period of fourteen days.

Based on the idea of introducing a thirteenth hour to the traditional twelve-hour system, Schachinger has conceived a decentralized clock at the Kunsthaus Baselland that keeps time in a novel way. Compared to the familiar rhythm of a twenty-four-hour day, the added time changes the entire flow of the institution. The new time display also dictates the artist’s own daily routine.

The works and performances, some of which have been developed specifically for this concept, all focus on themes such as (social) synchronization and tempo within spatial and societal structures, as well as collectively listening, experiencing, and layering music and sound and their relationship to space. In twelve individual performances – always at the thirteenth hour – Schachinger will go about his daily life and perform according to the time displayed by this clock. Admission to all performances and the exhibition is free.

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