Rachel Rose / Photo Lance Brewer
Rachel Rose
Oct 25, 2019 – Jan 12, 2020
Kassel, Germany

In recent years Rose has quickly risen to prominence for her compelling video installations and films. This selective overview of Rose’s practice comprised of five works focuses on moving images: Sitting Feeding Sleeping (2013), Everything and More (2015), Lake Valley (2016), Autoscopic Egg (2017), and Wil-o-Wisp (2018). Complemented by a group of new sculptures, this makes the exhibition at the Fridericianum the largest presentation of the artist’s work to date.

Rose uses a wide range of filmic techniques to realize her work. From collaging footage to, most recently, narrative filmmaking, she draws from and contributes to a long history of cinematic innovation. Yet, irrespective of these different approaches, the artist has developed a consistent method of projection and installation to immerse and affect the viewer’s physical and psychological experience of moving image and sound.