Joaquim do Rego Monteiro, América do Sul, 1927
Raio-que-o-parta: Brazil’s fictions of modern
Feb 16 – Aug 7, 2022
Sesc São Paulo
São Paulo, Brazil

In 2022, Brazil celebrates two important historical anniversaries: the bicentennial of the nation’s independence and the centennial of the Modern Art Week of 1922. To mark these dates, Sesc São Paulo is holding, throughout the year, the action Diversos 22 – Projetos, Memórias, Conexões, carried out in a network with other institutions and offering a broad cultural programming that seeks to critically reflect on these milestones and to set them into relationship with our current urgencies. For the institution, the initiative aims “to constitute perspectives that allow us to think about the country in a different and complex way, with its contradictions and potentials, turning them into propositional resources.”

The exhibition Raio-que-o-parta: ficções do moderno no Brasil (Raio-que-o-parta: Brazil’s fictions of modern) which opened to the public on February 16, is one of the highlights of this project. This visual art show presents works by around 200 artists from all over Brazil distributed in a 1,300 square meter exhibition space at the Sesc 24 de Maio unit, located in downtown São Paulo. Artists whose works are present in the show include Alberto da Veiga Guignard (1896–1962), Anita Malfatti (1889–1964), Genaro de Carvalho (1926–1971), Lídia Baís (1900–1985), Mestre Vitalino (1886–1973), Mestre Zumba (1920–1996), Pagu (1910–1962), Raimundo Cela (1890–1954), Rubem Valentim (1922–1991), Tarsila do Amaral (1886–1973) and Tomie Ohtake (1913– 2015).

Curated by Aldrin Figueiredo, Clarissa Diniz, Divino Sobral, Marcelo Campos, Paula Ramos and Raphael Fonseca