Alex Kemman, Green Veins of Europe
Jun 23 – Dec 10, 2023
Noorderlicht International Photo Festival
The Netherlands

With REGENERATE as its theme, the 2023 festival brings together works that explore the changes modern society must face. Where people in today’s world experience a sense of being displaced, regeneration means seeing ourselves and the world as built around reciprocal relationships that benefit all parties. Such a renewed worldview means that people (including their technological achievements) and other living beings within the world’s ecosystems depend on each other for their health, well-being and survival.

By exhibiting projects from this new thinking, the festival aims to ask questions about where we want to go and how to get there, about the time we live in and the time to come.

REGENERATE shows photographs from:

Cristóbal Ascencio, Glorianna Ximendaz, Xingrong Qiao, Wawi Navarroza, Deepti Asthana, Kim Tieleman, Claire Sunho Lee, Marjolein Busstra, Matthieu Gafsou, Laura Boushnak, Eline Benjaminsen, McKenzie Calle, Nicolas Janowski, Cynthia MaiWa Sitei, Lavinia Xausa, Velibor Bozovic, Daniel Chatard, Risk Hazekamp, Domenico Mangano & Marieke van Rooy, Ngadi Smart, Eline Kersten, Sayam Ghosh, Consuelo Oppizzi, Vincent van Gaalen, Dirk-Jan Visser & Gus Drake, Ole Witt, Suzette Bousema, Alex Kemman, Angela Blazanovic, Micha Vallejo Prut, Rebecca Najdowksi, Marina Sulima & Olivia d’Cruz, David Vroom, Jacob Molenhuis, Hester Scheurwater.