Rinus Van De Velde, A Life in A Day, 2021 – 2023
Rinus Van de Velde: A Life in A Day
Aug 31 – Oct 7, 2023
Tim Van Laere Gallery
Antwerp, Belgium

Tim Van Laere Gallery presents A Life in A Day, Rinus Van de Velde’s seventh solo exhibition at the gallery. In this exhibition, the artist not only presents new drawings in oil pastel, colored pencil, and charcoal but also premieres his third film, A Life in A Day, along with a selection of sculptures featured in the film.

Rinus Van de Velde’s oeuvre reads like a multiverse, in which different storylines always run parallel to one another. He has already created several alter egos that allow him to appropriate different personas and explore worlds that do not (yet) belong to him. Throughout these different worlds, the constant anchor point is the artist himself. Through impersonations, constructed lies, and appropriations, he comes closer to uncovering the truth about his own identity and artistry.

His latest film also mirrors this process. In his debut film, The Villagers, Van de Velde started from a predefined narrative, in which the artist himself played a small role as spectator. That narrative already evolved into a more abstract form in his second film, La Ruta Natural. For this film, the artist had a mask made in his likeness allowing one of his assistants to embody the artist’s role. This allowed Van de Velde to observe himself from a distance and portray and analyze his artistry. This same mask reappears in A Life in A Day. While La Ruta Natural’s storyline focused on the creation and destruction of his various alter egos, A Life in A Day delves into Van de Velde’s artistry in a more intimate and pure way, inviting us to partake in the artist’s inner process.

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