Sasha Streshna, Rock, Paper, Scissors, 2023
Sasha Streshna: Devon Loch
Jun 28 – Sep 16, 2023
Kalfayan Galleries
Athens, Greece

In her solo exhibition at Kalfayan Galleries, Sasha Streshna presents a new series of oil paintings which continues her research on western history painting tradition, focusing primarily on depictions of violence, repression and authority.
In her new series, Streshna references found images from soviet textbooks. While obscuring the evidence that would allow the viewer to recognise an event, Streshna converts the illustrations through a painting language that entails suggestive contours and a colour pallet with no apparent contrasts. Hence, the stories of rebellions are explored as incoherent and emotionally charged memories, rather than particular events.

The title of the exhibition “Devon Loch” refers to the name of a famous royal racehorse, which fell – for no apparent reason – on the final straight just as it was about to finish first in the 1956 UK Grand National. The phrase to do a Devon Loch is still used to explain a sudden, last-minute failure of someone who was expected to win. Although, at first glance, the title suggests failure to comprehend and reshape the world of both painting and the political act, at the same time it also implies that insubordination is one of the most remarkable expressions of self-determination and free will. An incoherent memory, therefore, holds the potential to become a future possibility.

  • Mat Collishaw: Alluvion
    Jun 6 – Oct 15, 2023
    M77 Gallery
    Milan, Italy

    Alluvion, an exhibition of the works of British artist and intellectual Mat Collishaw, curated by Danilo Eccher, will be open to the public at M77 Gallery, Via Mecenate 77, from June 7 to October 15, 2023. Alluvion represents a new landscape modelled by material deposited by floodwaters, just as digital media floods our daily life and changes the social co-ordinates through which we manage communication, making us dependent on a world increasingly mechanised and controlled by technology, an image we find in most of Collishaw’s work. (more…)