The Doom Generation / Director Gregg Araki
Seattle International Film Festival
May 11–21, 2023
SIFF / various
Seattle, USA

The 49th annual Seattle International Film Festival returning in person May 11–21 and presented virtually on the SIFF Channel May 22–28, will take the city’s moviegoers on a cinematic odyssey. SIFF announces its Festival venues across Seattle and reveals the 2023 art, inspired by the vast expanse of outer space and the sweeping journeys film can provide us, created with longtime creative partner WONGDOODY.

“The Seattle International Film Festival has always been a space for discovery: there’s nothing quite like the revelation that can happen inside a movie theater when the lights go down,” said SIFF Artistic Director Beth Barrett. “With the theme this year, SIFF is celebrating just that – with films, filmmakers and communities from all over the world gathering around the joy of discovering new worlds through cinema.”

SIFF also announces the venues that will showcase the Festival’s programmed films as well as sites for the Opening and Closing Night Gala parties. In addition to SIFF’s three own theaters – SIFF Cinema Uptown, SIFF Cinema Egyptian, and the SIFF Film Center – Festival programming will be screened at locations in downtown Seattle, Columbia City, and Shoreline.

“The Festival is about community as much as it is about film, and we’re incredibly grateful to once again be partnering with The Paramount Theatre, AMC Pacific Place, Shoreline Community College, Ark Lodge Cinemas, Grand Hyatt, and MOHAI to bring films and Festival events to Seattle in such an expansive way,” said SIFF Executive Director Tom Mara. “We want to bring the world’s stories to as many people as possible, and these partners, in addition to our virtual offerings on the SIFF Channel May 22–28, make that a reality.”

  • Michela de Mattei & Toby Christian: Flash_Looking
    May 17 – Jul 5, 2024
    London, UK

    The phrase ‘flash-looking’ suggests something slick and shiny, a high-gloss finish, a smooth way of operating. As a synchronising of parts, the phrase also suggests a quick glance, a glimpse, something seen out of the of corner of one’s eye: “What’s that”. Flash_Looking, featuring Toby Christian and Michela de Mattei, works through these connotations and more. Brought in dialogue, Toby and Michela’s artworks speak with and across each other with an anachronistic elegance (more…)

  • Allen Frame: Whereupon
    Palermo Publishing

    Palermo Publishing announces the publication of its first monograph of photography, Whereupon, a selection of images by New York photographer Allen Frame, from the late 1970s to the early 1990s, in black and white and color. Whereupon expands the premise of his recent book Fever, (color photographs of 1981), to show a broader time period with the same subject: his artist friends in their apartments and lofts and on the streets of New York. (more…)

  • Ana Cavagna Martinez
    Featured Profile

    Ana Cavagna Martinez is an Argentinian artist, continuously inspired by nature, books and her philosophical studies. She has spent the last 20 years out of Buenos Aires, going through trips and moving all around the world.

    Her art is an abstract narration and sometimes depicting everything absorbed when going on walks. The scenery, the animals, the terrain, the books and her fine sensibility let her see and feel. (more…)

  • Reine Paradis: Aurora
    Jun 27 – Jul 26, 2024
    König Galerie
    Mexico City, Mexico

    KÖNIG MEXICO CITY is pleased to present AURORA, an exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Reine Paradis, showcasing self-portrait photographs, paintings, sculptures, and a video installation from her two previous series, Jungle and Midnight. Her signature colors radiate off the surface with the use of deep blues, neon yellows, and bright oranges, all meticulously refined through a painstaking process. This collection of works dives into the surreal world and psyche of Paradis (more…)

  • Emily Ferguson: It Girl.
    Jun 1 – Jul 13, 2024
    Nicodim Gallery
    Los Angeles, USA

    What’s an It Girl? An image of an seraphic figure, glowing almost too bright to be looked at until the flashbulbs recharge and the cameras become visible. Glamoured, the viewer is still seeing spots and rubbing their eyes as the figure stalks out of view, no-one quite sure if she’s real or not, an apparition disappeared. An apparition, by its very nature is uncertain, the intention defined by the person who sees it – The angel becomes a monster if enough people describe it so. (more…)

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