Šejla Kamerić, Perfect Tense, 2024
Šejla Kamerić: Perfect Tense
Jun 19 – Oct 13, 2024
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Perfect Tense, the most comprehensive exhibition of Šejla Kamerić’s work in Slovenia to date, explores the pervasive political effects of perpetual war by creating multiple mirror images reflecting its structural and temporal embeddedness in everyday life. A selection of outwardly political works from Kamerić’s versatile and prolific artistic career is presented in Cukrarna, with Galit Eilat as curatorial advisor. These works are placed in a reflective sequence: the ground and second floor mirror each other, as do word interventions and artworks. Spectators are invited to reflect on their own image while simultaneously participating in the artist’s introspective reflection on her positionality within and beyond the confines of a white cube. The exhibition is centred around two contrasting terms: words and war, which are intertwined through the extensive use of documentation as artistic material, simultaneously highlighting its necessity and absurdity in the context of war.

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Empowering individuals to embrace empathy and recognise the immediacy and structure of pain, this curatorial and artistic endeavour is replete with signs, symptoms, and evidence opposing a prevailing reality of silencing, suppression, and despondency. Eliciting a recognition of the underlying structural causes of war and the consequent impact on those caught amidst it, the exhibition is a gesture towards acknowledging the ongoing and harrowing terror in Gaza while at the same time admitting the confusion, pain, and inability to address it. Consequently, using visual and emotional cues, Perfect Tense reflects on the contemporary world with a passionate discussion of the themes of liberation, humanity and memory.

  • Justinien Tribillon: Visible upon Breakdown
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    The space in which we live is determined by currents, by transitions. However, we are so used to moving around in this hypermodern world that we don’t even notice the currents that make up our lives. They are invisible, hidden in plain sight – until they collapse. The war in Ukraine is preventing the export of wheat, Covid-19 and timber shortages are making themselves felt in construction projects all over the world: These events are not just human tragedies, they are also an urgent reminder of global dependencies. (more…)

  • Immemory
    Apr 12 – Jun 30, 2024
    Keelung Museum of Art
    Keelung City, Taiwan

    Immemory, “bē-kì-tit” in Taiwanese, is a memory project focusing on the “historical turn” in contemporary art over the past decade in specifically the local context of Keelung. The exhibition considers historical objects and facts as the “thing-in-itself,” aiming to explore Foucault’s concept of “historical a priori” through self-reflexive historiography. The project presents five leitmotifs: “archive fever,” “cold cold war,” “things as the historical a priori,” “politics of exosomatic memory,” and “settler colonialism vs colonialism.” (more…)

  • Paolo Novelli. The Day After Night
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    Paolo Novelli‘s (Brescia, 1976) exhibition entitled Il giorno dopo la notte (“The Day After Night”) brings together in the same space two cycles of his work made between 2011 and 2018, which are central to the evolution of his language. Both are made in analog in strict black and white, with the printing process being of paramount importance. The only subjects of the two series are windows covered by closed or bricked-up shutters on the facades of buildings without particularly attractive architectural features. (more…)

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