Giulia Maria Belli
Selva Trágica
Jun 16 – Oct 17, 2022
DB + K Gallery
Rome, Italy

Selva Trágica is the latest movie by Yulene Olaizola presented at the Mostra del cinema di Venezia in 2020. This is where the title of the second exhibition of DB + K gallery comes from.

Anna Kessler and Michele Dal Bosco (K and DB) are happy to open their space in the heart of Rome to a new exhibition that in this instance is dedicated to emerging Italian artists.

The show celebrates the Amazon and the Lacandon rainforest, and in particular the Xtabay, the mythological creature traditionally associated with it by the natives of the latter. In the Yucatan area myths and legends are populated by mysterious, disinhibited and powerful feminine forces profoundly bonded with the wildest aspects of the jungle.

Giulia Maria Belli, Anna Marzuttini and Alice Mosanghini are the stars of the show.

Belli and Marzuttini are both painters trained in the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia under the guidance of Professor Carlo Di Raco.

While coming from the same art school, the two artists explore the themes of the show in very different ways. Belli discovered herself immediately fond of the cultural history and the romantic literature behind the legend of the archetype of the Xtabay, while Marzuttini was inspired by the abundance of details offered by the unspoiled nature in the Amazon forest.

The night of the opening, actress and performer Alice Mosanghini will delight the audience with her site-specific performance: an interactive tangible prayer called Lympha Coeli.

The vast majority of the works displayed are created specifically for the exhibition.

The catalogue of the exhibition is introduced by a tailor-made text written by women advocate Isabella Borrelli and it features an essay by film director Yulene Olaizola.

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