Senta Simond: Dissonance, 2023 © Senta Simond
Senta Simond: Dissonance
Dec 15, 2023 – Feb 11, 2024
MEP / Maison Européenne de la Photographie
Paris, France

The MEP Studio presents Dissonance, the first solo exhibition in a French institution by Swiss artist and fashion photographer Senta Simond. Renowned for photographs of the female body that counter stereotypical views of feminine beauty, Senta Simond Swiss artist and fashion photographer, is showing here a new ensemble of videos and photos, the centrepiece of which is a diptych combining video and still photography.

For her first solo exhibition in a French institution, the artist proposes a visual and sound dialogue between two young women who have never met in person: a young Ukrainian dancer and an Irish harpist. Focusing on intimate close-up, off-kilter snapshots, Simond presents an intimate, mysterious and sensual work that questions our relationship with others. The work, which combines Simond’s images with footage by the two young women, whom she asked to film themselves inspired by her approach, also speaks to ideas of staging and performance, improvisation and chance.

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