Alexandra Baumgartner
Separations / Alexandra Baumgartner
Oct 25 – Dec 14, 2019
Wagner + Partner
Berlin, Germany

Wagner + Partner is proud to present Alexandra Baumgartner’s first solo exhibition, Separations. Baumgartner, who was born in Salzburg in 1973, is dedicated to exploring the human psyche and its depths. This includes matters of control and its loss, interpersonal relationships, social norms and fears.

Baumgartner’s way of working is likened to collage. From found images, she removes and modifies essential visual information so that the original context recedes. Through painting, sewing, partial removal or additional elements, she adds a second reality, which, together with the source material, forms a third, new reality.

Baumgartner transfers this approach to various media such as painting, objet d’art, expansive installations and conceptual art. Via slight alterations she significantly changes the character of the “objets trouvés” (found objects) and installation elements – which sometimes also appear in the form of furniture. This deliberately influences the viewer’s spatial perception and works subtly with ambiguity and the unfathomable. All her works play with the eerie, surreal and whimsically grotesque.

Exhibition extended to December 14, 2019