Sigalit Landau
Sigalit Landau. Salt Years
Jul 6 – Nov 17, 2019
Museum der Moderne Salzburg
Salzburg, Austria

For the past fifteen years, the sculptor and video and installation artist Sigalit Landau has repeatedly revisited the Dead Sea as a source of inspiration and laboratory. It has been the setting of the gestation of many of her works—in particular, various mundane objects that she “baptizes” by immersing them in the world’s saltiest sea for months until, covered by salt crystals, they are transformed into objects of mesmerizing, haunting beauty. Landau’s powerful and multifaceted works often probe questions of female identity and bodily experience, and explore themes such as the shadows cast by the Holocaust; the tense political situation in Israel; and complex issues of justice, structural violence, and the economic exploitation of nature. Combining a poetic aura with striking symbolism, her deeply moving creations reveal, with profound ambivalence, the transformative, sustaining, and healing properties of salt, as well as its destructive power.