Yuko Mohri
Slower than Slowly / Yuko Mohri
Sep 11 – Dec 14, 2019
Mother’s Tankstation
Dublin, Ireland

Over the past weeks we have had the unswerving pleasure of sharing Yuko Mohri’s company on a daily basis (work, apples, dinners, some Prosecco), as she has carefully crafted her exhibition, slower than slowly, a ballet of unwilling objects conjured from thin air, right in front of us, at Mother’s Tankstation, Dublin. The gallery has become a kind of half laboratory, half workshop, slowly transmuting its way back to exhibition space, as things assemble and their means of assembly are cleaned away, magically made invisible. When I say ‘thin air’, in addition to well-rehearsed and established practice and an evidently experienced studio methodology, which preemptively thought to pack some curious contents into an oversized suitcase, shipped from Tokyo via Paris: tools, a trumpet, Ostrich feather dusters (for cleaning Buddha statues), a soldering iron, nuts and bolts, motors, sequencers, switches, etc.