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Sony World Photography Awards 2024
Winners & Finalists Announced
World Photography Organisation

The 2024 National & Regional Award recipients are announced. Now in its 11th year, the programme supports photographers of all abilities worldwide and celebrates their achievements. Showcasing local talent to an international audience, the winners are selected from entries to the Open competition.

The National & Regional Awards is an initiative that places local talent on an international stage – and its winners and shortlist were unveiled. This diverse selection of photographs is a window to the world, revealing fascinating points of view and offering a chance to discover our planet through a different lens.

An impressive number of over 395,000 images from over 220 countries and territories were submitted to the Sony World Photography Awards 2024. With 54 countries participating in this year’s programme, the photographs in the National & Regional Awards take you on an exciting journey around the world. But it’s not just the incredible locations that will make you look twice – the awarded photographers also showcase their unique styles, utilise creative techniques and explore intriguing angles.

  • Bára Prášilová: Circles

    The first comprehensive book by photographer and visual artist Bára Prašilová summarizing her work over the past 15 years. The editor of the book, Thomas Beachdel, characterizes her work as “pictures of wonder” balancing on the edge of beauty and strangeness, reality and fantasy, tenderness and violence, which stems from the author’s sense of the absurd. (more…)

  • Dorothy Sing Zhang: Like Someone Alive
    Art Paper Editions / APE

    Dorothy Sing Zhang unveils a compelling portrayal of humanity’s vulnerable state during sleep. The scene is set in the bedrooms of others. One is asked to be asleep, a squeeze cable release is placed under the pillow. The chance of one’s unconscious body rolling over and triggering the camera results in an exposure. Like Someone Alive expands these boundaries by withdrawing the traditional relationships between the photographer, the object and the camera. (more…)