Namsa Leuba, Power, from the Series Zulu Kids, 2014 © Namsa Leuba
Stranger in the Village
Sep 3, 2023 – Jan 7, 2024
Aargauer Kunsthaus
Aarau, Switzerland

In his famous text Stranger in the Village, the US-American writer James Baldwin addressed the racism that informed his stay in Switzerland in the 1950s. Baldwin’s words continue to inspire many artists to this day. They hold up a mirror to us as a society and have lost none of their relevance. The group exhibition explores belonging and exclusion through current works by local and international artists, raising questions that concern us all.

Artists in the exhibition:

Igshaan Adams (*1982, Capetown. Lives in Capetown); Judith Albert (*1969, Sarnen. Lives in Zurich); Joshua Amissah (*1995, Winterthur. Lives in Berlin); Luc Andrié (*1954, Pretoria. Lives in La Russille); Kader Attia (*1970, Paris. Lives in Berlin and Paris); Maria Auxiliadora da Silva (Campo Belo 1935-1974 São Paulo); Omar Ba (*1977, Dakar. Lives in Geneva and Dakar); James Bantone (*1992, Geneva. Lives in Geneva and Zurich); Sabian Baumann (*1962, Zug. Lives in Zurich); Denise Bertschi (*1983, Aarau. Lives in Zurich); Balthasar Burkhard (Bern 1944 – 2010 Bern); Notta Caflisch (*1979, Bern. Lives in Winterthur); Vincent O. Carter (Kansas City 1924-1983 Bern); Ishita Chakraborty (*1989, Kolkata. Lives in Möriken); Marlene Dumas (*1953, Capetown. Lives in Amsterdam); Tatjana Erpen (*1980, Leuggern. Lives in Basel and Lucerne); Hanny Fries (Zurich 1918-2009 Zurich); Klaus Hennch (Mainz 1924-2005 Eglisau); Jonathan Horowitz (*1966, New York. Lives in Los Angeles); Sasha Huber (*1975, Uster. Lives in Helsinki); Hans Josephsohn (Kaliningrad 1920-2012 Zurich); Laura Kingsley (*1984, Ohio. Lives in Dübendorf); Vincent Kohler (*1977, Nyon. Lives in Lausanne); Pierre Koralnik (*1937, Paris. Lives in Zurich); Namsa Leuba (*1982, La grande Béroche. Lives in Talence); Glenn Ligon (*1960, New York. Lives in New York); André M’Bon (Beampo 1935-2019 Point-Noire); Gianni Motti (*1958, Sondrio. Lives in Geneva); Sirah Nying (*1998, Zurich. Lives in Zurich); Senam Okudzeto (*1972, Chicago. Lives in Basel); Uriel Orlow (*1973, Zurich. Lives in Lisbon, London and Zurich); Frida Orupabo (*1986, Sarpsborg. Lives in Oslo); Ceylan Öztrük (*1984, Ankara. Lives in Zurich); Markus Raetz (Bern 1941-2020 Bern); Petri Saarikko (*1973, Helsinki. Lives in Helsinki); Niki de Saint Phalle (Neuilly-sur-Seine 1930-2002 San Diego); Lorna Simpson (*1960, New York. Lives in New York); Martine Syms (*1988, Los Angeles. Lives in Los Angeles); Olga Titus (*1977, Glarus. Lives in Winterthur); Carrie Mae Weems (*1953, Portland. Lives in New York).

    Dec 1, 2023 – Mar 31, 2024
    Flashback Habitat
    Turin, Italy

    Flashback Habitat Ecosystem for Contemporary Cultures continues its path of experimentation and artistic research with the new exhibition Time Square: L’arte in piazza trascende il tempo. The exhibition takes inspiration from the famous square in New York, changing its name to Time Square, where the words “time” and “square” collide and recompose new meanings. The American square is the clear symbol of aggressive modernity and humanity in transformation. (more…)

  • Camilo Godoy: renacemos a cada instante
    Jan 1 – Feb 29, 2024
    New Museum
    New York, USA

    As the New Museum’s 2023–24 Artist-in-Residence, Camilo Godoy will create a performance exploring movement, breathing, and mourning practices. The title of his residency is borrowed from an embroidered work made by the queer Paraguayan artist Feliciano Centurión in 1995, the year before he died of AIDS-related complications. Godoy adjusts Centurión’s title Renazco a cada instante (I am reborn at every moment) to renacemos a cada instante (we are reborn at every moment) to emphasize collective celebrations of life and death. (more…)

  • Oli Kellett: Waiting for a Sign
    Nov 24, 2023 – Mar 2, 2024
    London, UK

    HackelBury Fine Art is pleased to present Oli Kelletts third solo exhibition Waiting for a Sign from 24th November 2023 until 2nd March 2024, accompanied by the artist’s first monograph, Cross Road Blues, published by Nazraeli Press. Waiting for a Sign focuses on Kellett’s iconic Crossroad Blues series of large-scale portraits of people waiting at crossroads in urban cities across the globe from London to Mexico City and numerous across North America. (more…)