Paul Lee, Bruiser, 2021
Tambourine Heart / Paul Lee
Apr 24 – May 22, 2021
Adams and Ollman
Portland, Oregon USA

In collaboration with Karma, New York, and co-organized with Ellen Langan, Adams and Ollman is pleased to announce a solo exhibition with artist Paul Lee. The exhibition, “Tambourine Heart,” features a new series of collages made from Lee’s distinct index of materials.

Since the late 1990s, Lee’s artistic output has often blurred the distinctions between sculpture, drawing, collage, and painting. Characterized by a palpable presence of the hand, the artist’s ongoing formal experimentation and investigation of materiality returns to the same functional objects rendered into reliquary. Imbuing material experience of the familiar with an undeniable numinousness and wonder, Lee’s formal language bends toward subversive, emotional and poetic ends.

Incorporating the practice of collage-making as a daily ritual this past year, Lee’s works were constructed from what the artist had on site within his studio materials archive. Beginning with a ground of painted paper, then applying remnants of hand-dyed towels, canvas splattered with paint or mimicking the circumference of a tambourine, cutouts of photos, and window screens, these works convey both past use and aesthetic potential. Tambourine Heart marks the first time Lee has exhibited collages in over 15 years.