Haresh Sharma & Chong Tze Chien (SG), The Prose and The Passion
The Anatomy of Performance – They Declare
May 17 – Jun 2, 2024
Singapore International Festival of Arts / SIFA

Organised by Arts House Limited (AHL) and commissioned by the National Arts Council (NAC), the programme line-up for the 2024 edition of the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) was unveiled by Festival Director Natalie Hennedige at 1-Altitude Coast. With the radiant sunset and sounds of crashing waves setting the stage for an unconventional reveal, Hennedige also announced the theme for SIFA 2024 – They Declare – an expression of the multiplicity of voices that the Festival welcomes and celebrates. Returning from 17 May to 2 June 2024, the Festival will present five newly commissioned productions and seven invited international presentations, as well as an engaging event that celebrates Singapore’s vibrant theatre scene and an all-new programming pillar catered for families and children.

Since 2022, the recurring title, The Anatomy of Performance, has served as a guiding framework for SIFA under Hennedige’s leadership, reflecting her intention to push and expand the possibilities of performance, while expressing potent narratives and insights about complex issues today. Further defining the focus of each edition’s programming is a changing subtitle tagged to the recurring title. Following SIFA 2022’s Ritual and SIFA 2023’s Some People, SIFA 2024’s They Declare is an evocative call for audiences to make space for the coexistence of different beliefs and ways of being, by reflecting on their relationship to the natural environment as well as the other voices and existences that surround them.

Festival Director Natalie Hennedige says, “The intent to illuminate how performance can be approached as a dynamic arena not only for artistic innovation and expression, but also to gather and be moved by shifting perspectives has been the driving force behind each edition of the Festival. With clear Singapore identity and international presence, we continue to build a Festival that responds to the now, encouraging all present to embrace difference, and different ways of being in these testing times.”

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