Dylan Ray Arnold
The Art of Being Good
Jun 22 – Sep 1, 2019
Tallinn Art Hall
Tallinn, Estonia

Although tackling the ecological, social and economic components of crisis is normal in art, artworks and exhibitions rarely direct attention towards their own role in the ruinous sequence of events. The international group exhibition The Art of Being Good opens at Tallinn Art Hall. The exhibition looks at the ethics of making art in the complicated world struggling with the current global crisis and is an attempt to produce an visual experience suitable to the seriousness of the situation.

Obviously, the inhabitants of every era have probably felt that it is they that are living in a time of impending ruin. Almost daily we can read new reports in the news about the problems faced by a specific species, the increased rate of glaciers melting or the effect of climate change on human habitation. Now we know that the reason for all of this is our eagerness to extract resources from the Earth and, for the first time, we can draw a direct line between our everyday behavior and the dangerous global developments.