Mella Jaarsma / The Coming World
The Coming World
Jun 28 – Dec 1, 2019
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
Moscow, Russia

This major exhibition project brings together works by over 50 artists, looking at a future already in the making as the environmental agenda becomes one of most pressing global political questions. Artists include Doug Aitken, John Akomfrah, Le Corbusier, Max Ernst, Martha Rosler, Tomás Saraceno, Allan Sekula, among mans others.

The suggested timeline references two widely speculative points in time taken from the sphere of popular science and iconic science fiction: 2030 is suggested as the year when existing resources of oil will be exhausted (Paul R. Ehrlich, Beyond the Limit, 2002), putting an end to the Oil Age; and 2100 denotes the year that, according predictions made by Arthur C. Clarke in the 1960s, human life will be able expand to other star systems. The exhibition alludes to a compressed period of time starting from the not too distant future, when the human race will be forced to live with the final knowledge that “there is no planet B,” through to future imagined in the past, in which humans were expected to progress sufficiently to be able to settle on other planets.