Marie Brett
The Day-Crossing Farm
Marie Brett
June 14–27, 2021
Cork Midsummer Festival

A multi-sensory art installation by artist Marie Brett with live performance in a secret Cork City location, exploring issues of human trafficking, modern day slavery, and drug farming.

It is estimated 40.3 million people worldwide are trapped in modern slavery, one of today’s most critical human rights issues, with numbers continuing to rise. The figure includes 24.9 million people in forced labour. Of these, 16 million are exploited in private sectors such as domestic work, construction and agriculture.

Commissioned by Cork Midsummer Festival and created over a two-year period in dialogue with human justice and advocacy organisations, scholars, gardeners and persons with lived experience of trafficking and forced labour. This ambitious piece is produced in collaboration with filmmaker Linda Curtin, sound designer Peter Power, and lighting designer Sarah Jane Shiels, and incorporates live music and performance, interactive sculpture, moving image, plant-life, sound and lighting design at a secret site.