Marsden Hartley
The Earth Is All I Know of Wonder
Madsen Hartley / To Jan 19, 2020
By Paola Paleari / Louisiana Museum
Humlebæk, Denmark

The Louisiana Museum embarks in the mission of acquainting the European public with a grand retrospective that gathers over one hundred works of Marsden Hartley, a key figure in American Modernism.

Imagine moving to a new place every ten months. Imagine having high artistic aspirations and very little money, relying on grants and friends’ help to make ends meet. Imagine having a fluctuating artistic identity, changing style often and repeatedly. Imagine being homosexual and struggling with latent depression and insecurity. This could be a drafted and yet pretty accurate profile of artist Marsden Hartley. Now imagine this, one century ago: when same-sex desire was illegal, extreme forms of nationalism were at their peak and artistic movements followed quite rigid aesthetic systems, often on a country by country basis. That was the era when Marsden Hartley was alive.

Review by Paola Paleari