Michael Whelan
The Last Humans
Alienation in the Anthropocene
Michael Whelan

We have fundamentally altered the earth’s ecosystem by disrupting the natural rhythm of our planet and in doing so have created a new chapter in the evolution of Earth and a new stage of uncertainty.

During this process, our species has become more distant from the essence of what it means to be human and we continue to develop out of synchronicity with how we should live individually, collectively and as a species. As we enter a new geological era, bringing with it greater uncertainties and extremities, it is becoming more and more obvious that society is incapable of self regulation. While the planet becomes even more human dominated and more vulnerable, we continue to exploit its valuable resources and having profound and influential impacts on the place we call home.

  • Roger Shimomura: All American
    Apr 26 – Jun 8, 2024
    Cristin Tierney Gallery
    New York, USA

    Cristin Tierney Gallery is pleased to present All American, a solo exhibition of paintings by Roger Shimomura. The exhibition opens Friday, April 26 and will be on view through June 8, 2024. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition in New York in over a decade and his first solo show at the gallery. Through juxtaposition of contemporary America and traditional Japan, the artist employs images from both cultures to create a complicated layering of pictorial information and social observation. (more…)

  • Ian Waelder: Here not today
    Apr 18 – Jun 9, 2024
    Super Super Markt
    Berlin, Germany

    I. Language

    We could say that this exhibition begins with the artist’s daily walk to buy the newspaper at a kiosk. In his book The Practice of Everyday Life, Michel de Certeau describes the city as a text shaped by the people who walk in it daily. A vast text we write with our steps but cannot read – “the networks of these moving, intersecting writings compose a manifold story that has neither author nor spectator (more…)