Big Dance Theater, The Mood Room. Photo: Maria Baranova
The Mood Room
February 10–12, 2022
Walker Art Center
Minneapolis, USA

A family reunion, 1970s Los Angeles, five sisters. An ingenious, theatrical jewel box crafted by Big Dance Theater’s director Annie-B Parson, The Mood Room is a play written by ’70s conceptual artist Guy de Cointet that collages text from Shelly, Baudelaire, Chekhov, advertisements, and soap operas. As the story unfolds, the performance heightens our perception of class, privilege, and the growing self-involvement of the new “me” generation. Through a dazzling blend of film, movement, music, ennui, puzzles, and dry wit, the piece critiques how class and wealth have changed our relationship to self and participation in the citizen body. Featuring a recomposed score by pop-electronic sound artist Holly Herndon. The Walker Art Center’s third Big Dance Theater commission honors the company’s 30-year anniversary.

“It’s hard to do justice to the freewheeling brilliance of Big Dance Theater.” –New York Times